Farm Transition Update: It Starts with People


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Farm Transition Update: It Starts with People

An Exceptional Three-Part Seminar Series

This three-part series was designed to help improve the communication skills of farm advisors, consultants & coaches. Farm transition involves many technical aspects, but to achieve the desired outcomes the process needs to start with people and they need to be very clear in what they expect from their trusted advisors. That is only achieved with effective communication.

2 Hours CPD Credits /Session

2 CPD CAFA® ◾ 2 CPD FP Canada™ ◾ This program earns 1 CE credit/hour for FEA, Certificates of Attendance available for CPAs, LL.B. & J.D.s

Part 1

Moderator: Kim Gerencser, BAFS, CFP®, CAFA®
Senior Manager, Farm Management Consulting MNP LLP, CAFA National Chair

Kim is a business strategist who provides family businesses with proactive and pragmatic solutions to issues & challenges relating to finance, cash flow, leverage, systems, and operations. A serial entrepreneur, his expertise includes a Diploma in Agri-Business, a Degree in Financial Services, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor (CAFA) designations, and a lifetime of on-the-farm experience. Kim was an active farmer (4th generation) until the end of 2014 when he made the difficult decision to leave the farming company he co-founded to focus his efforts on his consulting practice.

”My farming experience combined with my financial industry expertise provide me a unique and specialized position when providing my clients with timely, pragmatic, and personalized advice. It is because of that unique background that I have the privilege of seeing each farm operation from multiple angles (farmer, lender, business advisor, etc.) which allows me to provide advisory services that are all encompassing and holistic in approach.”

Putting it into Words: Helping Your Farm Clients Talk the Talk

Communication between you and your clients with their families is a critical success factor when developing plans and offering solutions.

Let’s talk about ideas, tips and resources you can use with your clients to help them reach their goals.

Patti Durand, B.Sc., PAg, CAFA® FCC Agriculture Transition Specialist

Patti’s career has been focused on working with farm businesses both as an entrepreneur and a lending advisor, providing tools and resources that open new paths to success. As an experienced farm transition facilitator, she can initiate and lead the conversation and help producers make the best strategic decisions for their operations.

Patti has an agriculture degree from the University of Manitoba and has worked in the Saskatchewan ag industry for more than 20 years. She’s a member of both the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists and Canadian Association of Farm Advisors.


Succession Planning for CAFA Advisors

Michael (Mike) will share his succession planning experiences at Metrix Group LLP. During his 35-year (and counting) career with the Firm, Mike has built relationships with a wide variety of corporate and personal clients. Many of these clients are involved in farming. In addition to developing his own clients, Mike ventured into a number of succession arrangements with CPAs who were looking for an exit strategy. Metrix helped these CPAs realize their retirement dreams. At the same time Mike and his partners were given an opportunity to establish new client and staff relationships, thereby achieving a “win-win-win” for all concerned. Mike will share his succession planning strategies and experiences that have served him and his partners over the

Michael Epp, CA, CPA, CMA, CAFA®  Partner Metrix Group

Mike is a Partner with Metrix Group, serving clients through offices in Edmonton, Lloydminster, Whitecourt, and La Crete.  His career has included: assurance and accounting services for a variety of institutional audit clients and private companies; income tax, succession, and estate planning services; as well as consulting and advisory services.  Mike led Metrix into a number of succession opportunities through his CPA connections.  Building connections and developing relationships with the many new clients and staff members that joined Metrix, is both challenging and rewarding.  Mike, and his wife, Gayle, together with their five children and spouses, and ten grandchildren, enjoy a passion for boating, watersports, and outdoor activities, at their BC cabin.

Moderators Part  2 & 3

Denise Filipchuck, CFP™, CAFA® Filipchuck Management Inc.

Denise is a Farm Management Consultant and Coach, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Certified Workplace Mediator, a Certified Agriculture Farm Advisor (CAFA), and a Farm Debt Mediation Service Financial Expert, and provides financial planning and management consulting services, tools and coaching to farm families, helping them become more successful in their businesses, relationships and lives.

Denise was raised on a farm and specializes in farming, family communication, financial planning, intensive debt management, strategic business and transition planning. Denise also provides peer group and workshop facilitation and does public speaking at ag industry events.

Rod Edgar, R2-D2 Farms

I have been an associate member of CAFA since 2007. Full time farmer since 1989, just starting transition to next generation. The “management” portion of our business is my favourite part. I’m a numbers guy. We do everything right at seeding time, knowing the rest is up to Mother Nature. I have sat on many Boards during my career, usually end up as chair. Travel has always been our passion, the flexibility of grain farming has always allowed lots of travel!



Part 2

Estate & Succession Planning by Design

Your clients are difficult to engage and sustain in the estate planning and farm business succession process. They seem disinterested, distracted and willing to procrastinate. They often don’t know where or how to start. You are concerned that their hard work and your great advice ideas will ever see successful execution. How can we make a difference? By using the principles of design we can build a more purposeful legacy when we better empathize with our
clients, enhance understanding of the salient perspective, generate a variety of multidisciplinary solutions, model and then test the proposed solutions.

Chris Delaney, B.A., LL.B., B.Ed., TEP, FEA, CAFA®, Inception Family Wealth

Chris is the author of “The Naked Opus: Growing Your Family Wealth for the Long Term” (2018). He is a Family Enterprise Advisor, Lawyer, Professional Speaker and Intergenerational Family Wealth Strategist. He works with enterprising business families, family offices and families of wealth and their advisors to help them develop goals-based, strategic intergenerational wealth continuity plans. He is the past Chair of the London and Southwestern Ontario chapter of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) and host of The Inception Family Wealth Hour Podcast available on Apple, Google and Spotify.


Implementation Impasse: Why Good Clients don’t Follow Great Advice

The plan is logical; the advice is sound; the client voices full agreement; and yet – NOTHING is happening! Is the client stuck? Resistant? In need of more
persuading? How you choose to frame this inaction can affect everything that follows in your work together.

Dr. Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych. Money, Mind & Meaning

Dr. Somers is a psychologist, professor, author and executive coach. She brings an uncommon combination of expertise in neuroscience, financial psychology, mental health, and behavior change to bear on a wide range of personal and professional challenges.

As a family wealth consultant, Dr. Somers works with clients who want to have healthy financial attitudes and behaviors. Families reach out to her for help in dealing with sudden wealth, inter-generational wealth transfer, major life transitions such as retirement or re-marriage, and raising financially responsible children.

Part 3

Finding Fairness in Farm Transition

One of the key challenges for farm families is navigating the fairness issue with successors and non-business heirs. FAIR stands for financial transparency,
attitudes towards money, intentions, and roles for the founders.

What does fairness look like to you on your farm ? Do you have a strategy for helping everyone be successful? Let’s talk about a new mindset for agriculture
with practical questions to create more family harmony as farms transition.

Elaine Froese, CSP, CHICoach, CAFA® Farm Family Transition Expert

Starting with 4-H presentations in Manitoba at age nine and moving on to audiences today in Mexico, Australia and beyond, Elaine has always understood that communication is the key to building trust and understanding, especially when your family members are your business partners.

Elaine offers farm families straight talk and courageous conversations on the issues that seem impossible to resolve.


Conflict Management Skills for Consultants, Coaches & Advisors

Conflict management and problem solving is a normal situation in the world of managing business and growing potential. For professionals in careers of advising or consulting, it is your responsibility to coach your clients through these challenges.

Learn how to access the data in your biocomputer and make friends with resistance. These are fundamental communication skills for managi

ng and supporting not only your client’s success story, but also your own.

Monica Clare, CPA, CMA, MBA, CPCC, FEA, CAFA® Monica Clare Management Consultant

With a unique background in finance and mediation, coupled with a passion for culture and education, Monica has traveled the globe extensively – exploring all opportunities to continuously enhance her skill set and personal growth. Around the world she has had the good fortune to learn from some of the most renowned names in her field.

Having previously worked in accounting and finance with corporate giants Coopers and Lybrand (now PwC) and Rogers Cablesystems, Monica’s initial foray into business began with her family’s manufacturing company – Balthes Farm Equipment. Growing up in a family business, Monica learned the importance of family values, vision, passion and commitment. This early imprinting ultimately led to her lifetime quest to understand best practices in business and communication skills and how to live a happy life.

Pricing Details

CAFA Members, Farmers, Ranchers, Students

$125 + GST/HST per person

$250 + GST/HST 2 or more same location

$50 + GST/HST per Part per person

Non-CAFA Members

$200 + GST/HST per person

$400 + GST/HST 2 or more same location

$75 + GST/HST per Part per person