CAFA® Continuing Education Tracker

In order to maintain, and earn, Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor status – CAFA® -all Regular members need to complete an online record of their 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits over a two year period. This needs to be recorded when membership is submitted or renewed.

Earning the 12 CPD’s over a two year period demonstrates that CAFA® members are:

Staying current in their relevant skills and knowledge as it pertains to advising farm families and businesses.

Staying connected to an inter-disciplinary network that provides additional skills and knowledge relevant to their farm clients.

CPD’s are earned by:

Attending CAFA chapter meetings – 1 CPD per meeting.

Attending an AGM – 1 CPD.

Chapter Executive attending a chapter meeting – 2 CPD’s.

Speaking at CAFA chapter meetings – 3 CPD’s.

Preparing a podcast or webinar for CAFA – 7 CPD’s.

Preparing a presentation for a CAFA Farm Update or conference – 7 CPD’s.

Attending a CAFA Farm Update or conference – 7.5 CPD’s.