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Membership in CAFA provides:

  • Direct connection to the professionals with the same interest and passion as you have --farms!
  • A vast wealth of information relating to agriculture – producer level, value-added level, consultant level, and governmental level.
  • Opportunity to develop a book of business by networking.
  • Peers who provide specialty advice on various topics relating to agriculture.
  • A Board of Directors who are recognized nationally for their expertise in farm advising and who continually strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism in the membership.

What we offer Members:

  • Education = CURRENT:   Access to educational upgrading and information about a complex industry through newsletters, chapter meetings, conferences and online resources.
  • Networking= CONNECTED:  Attend monthly meetings and other conferences where speakers address topics of common interest and advisors interact with other professionals and farmers.
  • Professionalism = CERTIFICATION:   Held to a higher standard, certification.

"CAFA is a great place to identify members for multi-disciplinary teams."
Chris Hart, BA, CPA, CMA, Allied Associates, Winchester, ON
“I have been a CAFA member of the Walkerton chapter for several years.  Networking with professionals is worth its weight in gold.  I have established relationships with local professionals who have participated in numerous farm succession planning seminars/workshops.  I have also established relationships with members of the London chapter.   Being able to identify myself as a CAFA member and working with other CAFA members has helped me grow and expand my succession planning career.   Working with the various members helps give me that extra edge when working with farm families. These relationships build a strong farm advisory team for me to count on, it develops integrity and credibility.   Clients appreciate the fact that I have a team of qualified professionals supporting me as we work together, doing what is in the best interest of the clients while figuring out the plan that works for them and gets the job done.”

Nancy Ackert, Walkerton

“I own and operate an agricultural accounting practice in SE Saskatchewan, and find that my membership in CAFA has been extremely valuable to our firm.  The ability to network at regular meetings with other professionals involved in service to agriculture is unparalleled.  This exposure provides us with a tremendous resource from which to refer clients, and at the same time receive referrals from other practitioners.  

Ag related speakers discuss topics at our meetings that keep us current and broaden our knowledge of issues pertinent to serving our clients.   At our CAFA breakfast meeting this morning we heard from Dan Donner, Executive Vice President of Ag Growth International who was in town for the Farm Progress Show.  Dan shared his companies perspective of the four major growth countries in the world Brazil, Russia, India and China and gave us an excellent overview of the opportunities and challenges relating to agriculture in those countries.   This is a typical example of the quality of speakers and topics CAFA members benefit from.  For the networking, the learning, and the value I can pass on to my clients I am pleased to be a member of CAFA.”

- Kelvin Shultz, Wheatland Accounting

CAFA has three membership categories:

CAFA's Fiscal year:  July 1 - June 30

  • Regular Member - Professional, business, corporate.   $385.00 + applicable tax

GST 5% = $404.25 annually or HST: Ontario 13%  = $435.05 annually

  • Associate Members (Government, non-profit, farmers).  $130 + applicable taxes.

GST 5% = $136.50 or Ontario 13% HST = $146.90

  • Student members $100 + applicable tax

GST 5% = $105.00 annually  or HST: Ontario 13%  = $113.00 annually

NEW! Office/Company Memberships

Local Firms (City, Town) $500 CAFA membership.              

Permits unlimited number of partners/employees from the firm to attend.   

CAFA meetings at the member rate.

Access to one chapter.

Regional Firms (Provincial)

$1,500 CAFA membership.

Permits unlimited number of partners/employees from the firm to attend.

CAFA meetings at the member rate.

Access to any chapter in one province.

Further detail:

  • Min. 1 qualified CAFA member per firm
  • Other firm staff can attend meetings at member price.
  • Only qualified members can earn and use the CAFA designation

Membership Application

  • Entrance Requirements

    There are two classes of membership, Regular and Associate. Regular members vote and can use the designation. Associate members cannot.Both Regular and Associate members must be individuals, at least 18 years of age.Unless otherwise determined by the National Membership Chair, applicants for Regular membership:
  • must have been advising farmers or involved in the agricultural field for at least two years;
  • provide references from two members in the local chapter;
  • cannot have a criminal record;
  • cannot have been sanctioned by a licensing or professional body having jurisdiction over that member; and,
  • cannot have been declared bankrupt.

Regular Members must also qualify under one of the following two categories:

  • They are licensed by or belong to a self regulating organization (SRO) or other organization accepted by the Board; or
  • They are recommended by two regular members of CAFA in good standing

Regular members must meet one further criteria after earning 20 Continuing Education Credits to merit the Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor accreditation.

Download a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Form - Membership Application

Note: The above form is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You must have Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer in order to use it.

You may pay your membership dues by cheque, or Master Card, Visa or American Express credit cards.

GST Registration number: 86481 2532 RT0001

Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor

Why get certified?

  • Establishes your professional credibility at a national level with clients based on the unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience you have acquired.
  • Formally recognizes the specific far expertise you have gained in your practice.
  • Verifies the skills and knowledge you need to provide farm advice.
  • Access to a growing network of farm professionals.  Certified members gain opportunities to connect with others in their field through invitations to local chapter meetings and provincial conferences.

Not a certified member?
Demonstrate your farm expertise and apply today!      

CAFA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements ~

CAFA requires 20 CPD credits over a two year period to earn and maintain your CAFA certification
The purpose of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program at CAFA is to provide a quality designation and best practices-based CPD programs designed to sustain and enhance the skills of members.  CAFA members are encouraged through this program design to participate in regular chapter meetings for education and networking and to expand their comprehension of the multi-disciplinary nature of advice required by farm families and businesses.  Participation in continuing education activities allows farm advisors to stay current and competitive in a rapidly changing agricultural industry. It promotes the development of knowledgeable, professional and competent advisors and enhances consumer protection and quality service.

Returning members:
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory for all CAFA members to maintain certification as a Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor. Members are required to earn a minimum of 20 CPD credits every two calendar years, 12 of which MUST come from attending chapter meetings or a provincial conference.

As it is a membership requirement to earn CPD credits, those in non-compliance will lose their certification.   Annual certification renewal requires a written declaration that CPD credits have been earned.  We recommend that you track your CPD credits as random audits will occur.

New Members:

First year of CAFA Membership is probationary.  By second year, any new member having earned 20 CPD credits may apply for certification.   Attendance at a provincial conference is required in the first two years.

  • 3 credits for each chapter meeting attended when on the chapter executive.
  • 2 credits for each chapter meeting and / or AGM attended. 2 credits to present at or arrange a speaker for a chapter meeting (when not on the chapter executive committee).
  • 2 credits per presentation at a non-CAFA chapter meeting.
  • 1/2 credit per hour of attendance at an agricultural workshop, seminar or conference to accumulative maximum of   8 credits.
  • Negotiated credits for completion of an agriculture or advisory-related university or college credit
  • 7 credits for producing a webinar or podcast for CAFA use.

1 credit per hour of attendance at a CAFA conference.

Continuing Professional Development credits explained. - Membership Application