CAFA Certification

CAFA Certification Requirements

Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor

Why get certified?

  • Establishes your professional credibility at a national level with clients based on the unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience you have acquired.
  • Formally recognizes the specific far expertise you have gained in your practice.
  • Verifies the skills and knowledge you need to provide farm advice.
  • Access to a growing network of farm professionals. Certified members gain opportunities to connect with others in their field through invitations to local chapter meetings and provincial conferences.

Demonstrate your farm expertise and apply today!

CAFA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

CAFA requires 20 CPD credits over a two-year period to earn and maintain your CAFA certification.

The purpose of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program at CAFA is to provide a quality designation and best practices-based CPD programs designed to sustain and enhance the skills of members. CAFA members are encouraged through this program design to participate in regular chapter meetings for education and networking and to expand their comprehension of the multi-disciplinary nature of advice required by farm families and businesses. Participation in continuing education activities allows farm advisors to stay current and competitive in a rapidly changing agricultural industry. It promotes the development of knowledgeable, professional and competent advisors and enhances consumer protection and quality service.

Maintaining Certification:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory for all CAFA members to maintain certification as a Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor. Members are required to earn a minimum of 20 CPD credits every two calendar years, 12 of which MUST come from attending chapter meetings or a provincial Farm Update.

As it is a membership requirement to earn CPD credits, those in non-compliance will lose their certification. Annual certification renewal requires a written declaration that CPD credits have been earned. We recommend that you track your CPD credits as random audits will occur.

New Members:

First year of CAFA Membership is probationary. By second year, any new member having earned 20 CPD credits may apply for certification. Attendance at a provincial conference is required in the first two years.

  • • 3 credits for each chapter meeting attended when on the chapter executive.
  • 2 credits for each chapter meeting and / or AGM attended. 2 credits to present at or arrange a speaker for a chapter meeting (when not on the chapter executive committee).
  • 2 credits per presentation at a non-CAFA chapter meeting.
  • 1/2 credit per hour of attendance at an agricultural workshop, seminar or conference to accumulative maximum of 8 credits.
  • Negotiated credits for completion of an agriculture or advisory-related university or college credit
  • 7 credits for producing a webinar or podcast for CAFA use.
  • 1 credit per hour of attendance at a CAFA conference.