About CAFA

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Who we are:

The Canadian Association of Farm Advisors is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to assisting farm businesses by increasing the skills and knowledge of farm advisors.

National Mission:

CAFA is a non-profit, self regulating organization for Canadian farm advisors. It’s mission is to continually improve the quality of advice being given to farm producers and their families, including agribusiness.

Our Objectives:

         - To improve the level of education of farm advisors

         - To improve the level of professionalism of farm advisors

         - To improve the access to qualified farm advice


“Building Your Team of Farm Professionals” w/Liz Robertson

In Episode 161 of Impact farming, Tracy Brunet, FarmMarketer.com,  speaks with Liz Robertson from CAFA about “Building Your Team of Farm Professionals.”

In this interview Tracy and Liz chat about:

  • What is CAFA? CAFA® is the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors, and they are the largest network of farm business professionals in Canada.

  • Liz shares a little more about their mission and how everything they do is to continually improve the advice given to farm producers.

  • One of the services they provide is a Canada-wide database where farmers can go and search by province and service type to find; lawyers, accountants, farm business consultants, and more.

  • Are you looking for professionals for your farm? Tune in as Liz shares where farmers can access this list.

  • Liz shares stories, tips, and suggestions on finding the right professionals for your farm.

To see the episode, click here.  Canadian Farm News & Agriculture Real Estate - Farms, Ranches, Land For Sale | Farm Marketer. IF 161: “Building Your Team of Farm Professionals” w/Liz Robertson


CAFA Members include, among others:

         - accountants 

         - lawyers

         - financial planners

         - bankers

         - insurance brokers

         - trust officers

         - agrologists

         - agriculture economists

         - home economists

         - educators

         - family therapists

         - farmers

“CAFA is a concept whose time has come. For professionals with farm clients–It’s a no brainer.”
~ Don Forbes


CAFA’s diverse membership enhances its members’ appreciation for the complexity of issues facing family-owned farm business.

CAFA believes that the team based / multi-disciplinary approach is the most effective way to fully address the issues involved in family farm businesses - the interface and family dynamics.

Making use of the knowledge and expertise offered by professionals in a multi-disciplinary setting brings a broader perspective and inspires new strategies to address our common goal: helping family farm businesses solve their unique challenges.

"I like how CAFA brings all the advisors together with Agriculture in common."
Doug Treble, Treble Law Office, Crystal City, Manitoba

Why Face-to-Face Networking Still Trumps Social Networking

By Dan Schawbel, Time Magazine April 27, 2012

Read more: http://moneyland.time.com/2012/04/27/why-face-to-face-networking-trumps-social-networking/#ixzz1teVz1OVy

How we fulfill our mission:

CAFA provides our members with:

- educational programs, materials, seminars, lectures and conferences

- professional standards and eventual certification. Our members make a stronger commitment to the farm sector than their peers

- networking opportunities through our local monthly chapters and national events

- potential clientele and referral sources

- familiarity with the range of issues and professional services available to address client concerns